Reserve a Park Pavilion

You are welcome to use any of our pavilions on a first-come, first-served basis — but, if you’d like to reserve a pavilion for your exclusive use, we can help! Call us at 214.509.4700 or come by the Allen Parks and Recreation Administrative Office.

Important Information

A few items to note regarding our pavilion rentals:
  • Make sure to read our Pavilion Rental Policies [PDF]
  • No tobacco products or alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • All firearm possession must follow state law.
  • None of the pavilions have patron accessible electricity.
  • There is a $50 deposit on each rental.
  • There is a two-hour minimum for each rental (a complete list of Pavilion Rental Rules and Regulations will be provided upon reservation confirmation).

About Bounce Houses

You are welcome to use a bounce house in our parks. You will need to notify us of your plans, as well as pay a $25 fee when you rent the pavilion. Staff will then mark a safe spot (away from buried electrical lines, irrigation lines, etc) for your bounce house setup.

Pavilion Rental Availability & Fees

Pavilion Address Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee Restroom
Amenities @ JFRC 1201 E Bethany $40/hour $80/hour Yes
Bethany Lakes 745 S Allen Heights $25/hour $50/hour Yes
Bethany Ridge 1218 E Bethany $15/hour $30/hour No
Bradford Crossing 1405 Bradford Trace $25/hour $50/hour No
Celebration A 701 Angel Pkwy $40/hour $80/hour Yes
Celebration B 701 Angel Pkwy $40/hour $80/hour Yes
Dayspring Nature Preserve A
622 Rainforest Ln. $15/hour $30/hour No
Dayspring Nature Preserve B
904 Comanche  $40/hour $80/hour No
Ford - East 705 Whitman $25/hour $50/hour Yes
Ford - West 630 Park Place $25/hour $50/hour Yes
Glendover 1290 Scottsman $15/hour $30/hour No
Green 1305 Comanche $15/hour $30/hour No
Lost Creek 1525 Charleston $25/hour $50/hour No
Lost Creek The Bluffs 1608 Allen Heights Dr. $15/hour $30/hour No
Orchards Park 1705 Lake Travis $25/hour $50/hour No
Quail Run 920 Pelican $25/hour $50/hour No
Stacy Ridge 1900 Country Brook Ln. $25/hour $50/hour No
Story 1540 Edelweiss $25/hour $50/hour No
Sun Creek 601 Alma $15/hour $30/hour No
Waters Crossing Belaire at Newport Dr. $15/hour $30/hour No